What We Do

What We Do

We supply seedlings and natural fertilizers and create education access to rural Sahel communities to transform non-renewable agriculture into regenerative permaculture systems to enable higher growth yields through social equality.




How We Do It

We source and distribute tree seedlings and natural fertilizers to communities in the Sahel. Also, we establish and train communities through permaculture education to adopt sustainable cultivation practices through social equality to conserve the precious soil in the Sahel.

Our Programs

Climate Resilience through Land Conservation

The goal is to establish a permanent forest ecosystem that will be responsibly managed to ensure it delivers benefits for communities, wildlife, and the environment.

Food Growth through Regenerative Cultivation

The goal is to increase community social-equality and reduce poverty. It supplies seeds and natural fertilizers and create education on regenerative cultivation through a layaway savings system called FarmWallet. 

Community Development through  Renewable Resources 

The goal of is to improve community livelihoods and care for our Earth . We want to build education centers powered by renewable resources