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FarmSahel’s Expanded Vision

Through continuous work with community leaders, FarmSahel saw the genuine problems facing farmers in the Sahel and Africa. With this information, FarSahel has reimagined its mission statement. FarmSahel's expanded overall objective is to unlock the potential of Sahel communities to achieve economic freedom through sustainable permaculture. FarmSahel will continue to be a non-profit organization dedicated to the vision of a prosperous Africa.

FarmSahel will focus less on the generation of income and more on regenerative agriculture. We determined that an healthy farm will, in turn, bring about more income and prosperity to the region. FarmSahel is dedicated to enriching the ecosystem, focusing on land management. Permaculture will be a significant contributor to our ability to improve farmers' quality of life. Adopting land management ecosystems that are naturally occurring will provide a flourishing farm. It will enrich the farming soil and bring an ecosystem back to life that has been scorched by increasing climate change and large amounts of displaced people.

We will create a sustainable community through permaculture, beginning with communities in the Sahel. First, FarmSahel will increase access to education for rural Sahel communities to transform non-renewable agriculture into regenerative permaculture systems. These systems will bring higher growth yields and social equality. Our expanded mission statement has three programs with goals that will help foster a prosperous Africa.

First, FarmSahel will restore the local environment. FarmSahel will do this mainly through planting trees and establishing a permanent forest ecosystem. Since much of west Africa is on the front lines of climate change, growing forests can help mitigate climate pressures that many are already feeling. FarmSahel will plant and mature trees that farmers will responsibly manage to ensure it brings the ecological diversification so desperately needed in the Sahel. To date, we have planted 100 trees but FarmSahel is less concerned about the number of trees planted and more focused on the number of trees grown. It will be one step on our course to establish climate resilience through land conservation.

The next program goal is to increase community social equality and reduce poverty. Our program will educate farmers on regenerative cultivation and supply them with organic seeds and natural fertilizers. FarmSahel has an innovative approach to providing women farmers with training on regenerative cultivation and access to organic seeds. It is called the FarmWallet, which is a layaway savings system. Farmers will be able to use their mobile phones to save money for seeds and natural fertilizers. Donations FarmSahel collects for FarmWallet are used to subsidize the seeds and fertilizers to farmers, providing these materials below market value. Another aspect of this program is the education and organization of cooperatives. FarmSahel will educate women farmers on cooperative management and organize them into cooperatives. These cooperatives will allow communities to foster shared economic growth, negotiate better prices for their crops, and secure bank loans for their agribusiness.

The last program FarmSahel is launching is community development through renewable resources. Our goal is to improve community livelihoods and care for our Earth. We are focusing on building education centers powered solely by renewable energy. Furthermore, FarmSahel will take this renewable energy into the field using natural compost, conserving water and soil to ensure farming can continue for years. The last focus of this program is developing irrigated farming plots to allow farmers to grow crops during the dry season.

In short, FarmSahel continues to focus on empowering women farmers. However, we are now determined to expand our education into sustainable practices, protecting the ecosystem, and mitigating climate pressures. These new programs will greatly benefit the most vulnerable people in west Africa. With your help, you can be on the ground floor of these initiatives and truly see the impact a small donation can have. To learn more and to donate, visit farmsahel.org!

Here are ways you can support our work:

1- Donate to plant trees ($2 = 1 tree)

2- Donate to fund FarmWallet

3- Donate so we can determine where it is most needed

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