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FarmSahel offers agricultural resources worth 5 million XOF (10,000 USD) to women in Bindé, Burkina

Farmsahel’s core mission is to empower rural women farmers through assistance, training, and donation. In order to further support rural women and help them walk one step closer to food security, FarmSahel has officially handed over agricultural resources worth five million XOF (10,000 USD) to women in Bindé, a rural village in Burkina Faso. The official ceremony took place on Friday, July 9th 2021 in Kaïbo-Centre, a village in the municipality of Bindé. One ton of Organic Cowpea, 438 bottles of sprayers, 438 organic pesticide, with a total value of 5 million XOF were donated to 438 women. According to FarmSahel’s in-country Board Member, Thomas Yameogo, this donation aims to "strengthen the resilience of households and communities in terms of food and nutrition security,” which once again enforces FarmSahel’s mission statement and core values.

FarmSahel's donation not only allows the women of the municipality to be financially independent but also allows students of the municipality to consume healthy food. This is through the local government, which has agreed to buy the foods produced and supply it to students.The mayor of Bindé Firmèn Conombo stated during his ceremony: "women do not have to worry because their production will be entirely bought by the local government for school canteens." Through this donation, both women and their children will reap the benefits of agricultural resources and feel the safety of nutrition security.

According to Bintou NANA, the womens’ representative, this donation is especially timely because it will allow women to take care of their children while paying for their education and seeking better, stable healthcare. She added: "Now that we are in charge of providing food for school lunch, we know what is being fed to our kids in school and that is organic food". Eating nutritious, whole foods is vital to the health of everyone in the community, but especially important to young students who are still growing physically and mentally. A nutritious diet for children can help establish a foundation for healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge that a child can apply throughout life. Under-nutrition causes children to have low energy and a disinterest in learning, which negatively influences cognitive development and academic performance. For these reasons, it is vital that children are fed nutritiously, which is now more than possible through FarmSahel’s help.

For Thomas Yameogo, this donation marks the continuation of FarmSahel's activities in the municipality of Bindé and is a window of FarmSahel’s ambitions. Rather than just handing seeds and pesticides to women to produce organic cowpea, we will accompany them with training and field visits to make sure they are using the pesticide the right way. Providing these women with a clear guide and step-by-step training is essential to reaching food security and an overall healthier, happier environment in Bindé.

FarmSahel will return in August for a reforestation campaign. The main goal moving forward is to build a training center to better serve our women farmers and create an agribusiness community.

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