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FarmSahel - A Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, FarmSahel is continuing to provide support for the rural women farmers of Burkina Faso.

2021 has been a record year for FarmSahel! In our GlobalGiving campaign, we have raised over $8,000. In July 2021 we were able to spend $10,000 for organic Cowpea seeds and 438 bottles of pesticide sprayers full of organic pesticides. These resources were handed directly to 438 women farmers of Burkina Faso in the municipality of Bindè.

In August of 2021, FarmSahel held a training session in the middle of the planting season for the women who received the pesticide sprayers. Our goal was to equip women with the ability to practice good farming techniques and increase their productivity. The crops picked at the end of the growing season were bought by the local government for the supply of school lunches which allowed many of these women to obtain enough income to support their families.

This August we also launched our first annual reforestation campaign. The fight against climate change is still burdened on those who are least equipped to fight it. However, with the help of FarmSahel, the farmers of Burkina Faso came to the call. Our Green Wall initiative will help pull carbon out of the atmosphere as the trees store it in their trunk, bark, and roots. Trees also help the weather cycle that has been increasingly hazardous across Burkina Faso. Trees take water from the ground and release it back into the atmosphere as vapor. Lastly, the continued planting of trees each year will help water scarcity. Trees help create soil hydraulic properties which help safely recharge groundwater with less potential of water-borne disease.

As a small non-profit founded in 2019, FarmSahel has come a long way and, with your support, our director has worked tirelessly for those in the position she once found herself in. Our objective remains to promote a sustainable agricultural system that will allow rural women farmers to have financial autonomy through agribusiness. Currently, FarmSahel is focused in 31 villages within the municipality of Bindè. We support 19 women's associations in the municipality.

To understand the needs of all farmers within Bindè, FarmSahel conducted a diagnostic workshop in November. The diagnostic workshop took place over the span of three days: from November 17th to the 19th. Workshops like these allow FarmSahel to bring individuals from different perspectives into one room. New problems, new ideas, and new solutions were able to flow freely from residents who face the problems daily.

Over 100 government leaders, religious leaders, displaced peoples, and farmers packed the conference room of the town hall of Bindè. The participants were split up into three groups and we dedicated one day for each group. Group one consisted of 40 people: Community leaders, technical services, and internally displaced men. Group two consisted of 50 people: Women from FarmSahel cooperatives and internally displaced women. Group three consisted of 10 people: The Mayor and his secretary-general, the commissioner of security, the Prefecture of Bindè, religious authorities from the Muslim, Catholic, and Protestant communities, and Traditional Chiefdoms. The Objective of each workshop was to collect information on the food security and the state of the local government, identify promising sectors in the municipality and strengthen the partnership between FarmSahel and community leaders.

While FarmSahel has done some great work, it is barely a scrape of the surface of what needs to be done to make a true and lasting impact on the people of Burkina Faso. To start, our immediate goal is to continue to seek financial support for the construction of a Well. The farmers of Burkina Faso are at the front-lines of the climate crisis we face and they need any help we are able to provide, big or small. Further, the political crisis in Burkina Faso continues. While the protests in late November were able to force a change in the Prime Minister and cabinet, violence still terrorizes the country. Just before the New Year on December 26th, 41 were killed after an alleged ambush on a convoy the Volunteers for the Defense of the Motherland were escorting.

FarmSahel is determined to continue to fight and support the women of Burkina Faso. With your help, we will continue to do everything we can to push for our purpose of unlocking the potential of women to achieve economic freedom through agribusiness. We call on those that have the ability to make a deep impact on negating the effects of climate change to act before our small efforts are made in vain. To the women of Burkina Faso, you have proven willpower that is incomparable.

Your continued support is what helps us provide these vital services to these women. Our recurring donors are making a continuous impact and we are truly grateful for the ongoing support. If you are not yet a recurring donor, we warmly invite you to consider setting up a recurring donation. $24 a month goes a long way.

Please also share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting our work. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to FarmSahel’s effort!







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