Sponsor a Farmer


Donate $24 a Month

For $24 a month, you'll help a female farmer and her family fight their way out of poverty.

How is your $24 used?

$10.50 will buy 15 kg. of Fertilizer
$5.00 will buy 3.5 kg. of Crop Seeds
$8.50 will fund training 

Follow our work

We will keep you updated with what is going on with sponsored farmers.


How can I help?


FarmSahel sponsorship programs focus on improving female farmers living conditions by building strong agribusiness communities. We elevate the perception of farming as a profession and help initiate the path towards commercialization of agricultural goods.

With $24 a month, you can sponsor a female farmer in Burkina Faso. Sponsored farmers do not receive direct cash benefits. Your monthly donation is added to money received from other sponsors to buy seeds, fertilizer, and to sponsor trainings for these farmers. 

We partner with communities

Local staff work closely with female farmers and the community to have a better understanding of the actual challenges these women face.

FarmSahel then addresses these challenges by providing access to the tools and equipment needed to ensure growth in current agricultural climates; by offering training in modern farming techniques to expand crop growth, and in assisting in the development of international markets.