• Angel N. Skinner

Saving a Lost Generation: The Malnourished Children of Burkina Faso

The continent of Africa is expansive landmass; rich in valuable and vital natural resources. Accounting for roughly a fifth of all landmass on Earth, Africa has been highly influential in the development and advancement of the entire world. We have all taken away so much from this bountiful continent, but what have we given back to it? Across Africa, there are millions of impoverished inhabitants who lack, what we consider in America, everyday essentials. Among those who remain largely destitute is the population of Burkina Faso, one of the most poverty-stricken nations in the world. This country has experienced a substantial amount of upheaval in recent decades; preceding and even following the political revolutions that attempted to restore political stability in the early 1980’s. Today, Burkina Faso remains one of the least developed nations; with agriculture accounting for approximately 80% of the workforce. Although significantly impoverished, Burkina Faso is one of the lesser known countries of interest and has been continuously overlooked for its relatively small size and population; in comparison to surrounding nations. Our goal is to create and sustain a productive and prosperous Africa; where both child hunger and deprivation have ceased.


In Burkina Faso, agriculture is the primary labor force that drives its economy. Furthermore, this region of Africa experiences extensive periods of drought; followed by brief, disproportionate intervals of storm and rain. Women dominate the farming industry and are the primary sources of economy within their family. Many of them lack the proper resources to cultivate their crops, and as a result, many children suffer from hunger. Through the sponsorship of donors, FarmSahel is able to provide seeds, fertilizer, equipment, and training to these underprivileged farmers. For them, farming is more than just an occupation; it’s a way of life. Although there are many organizations that support poverty-stricken communities within Africa, FarmSahel is dedicated to making an impact in the most impoverished sectors of Sub-Saharan Africa. These areas are often overlooked, and by allocating resources directly to these regions, FarmSahel is subsidizing those who are in the greatest need and expanding outward accordingly.

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