Operations Volunteer


We are looking for a growth-minded hustler to join our volunteer team on operations. You will be working closely with our Executive Director. The role mainly involves the below.

- Conducting research on charities
- Assisting in renewing our States registrations
- Sourcing charitable data
- Analyzing impact and other donation metrics
- Assisting the Executive Director on any day-to-day to-do's.

Skillset is less important than a passion for social impact. Figure around 3-5 hours of focused work a week. While not a lot of time, we expect all volunteers to be in communication throughout the week.

Bottom line--you will-- learn a ton about the nonprofit space with exposure to a wide range of issues, join a fun and super talented team that will invest in you and your career, and make an incredible impact in the world.

To be considered, please send us your resume and a cover letter at info@farmsahel.org.

Thank you!