The Impact

Mechanization in agriculture and increase in  productivity


A critical step into modernizing agriculture is the adoption of mechanization in replacing human labour. Most African farmers are still far behind this stage. In sub-Saharan Africa, over 60% of farm power is still provided by human muscle, mostly from women, the elderly and children. Only 25% of farm power is provided by animals, while less than 20% of mechanization services are provided by engine power.

Making equipment accessible enhances the production and productivity of different crops due to timeliness, precision and improved quality of operations. 

Access to quality seeds and increase in productivity


​Agricultural productivity is related to a range of factors such as the lack of irrigation, soil health, and the cost of fertilizers. Small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are unable to get full information and access to good seeds.


Helping smallholders farmers access good quality seeds and fertilizers and teaching them how to carefully space seeds and how to apply fertilizer in an optimal way, maximize productivity.


Our Goals


Break the cycle of poverty and end hunger (most households will afford eating 3 meals per day): reduce poverty by unleashing smallholder farmers’ abilities to increase productivity and grow their incomes. Help the best farming techniques take root and spread to secure food.  FarmSahel will help improve productivity and crop diversification by teaching farmers conservation agriculture techniques, which include minimal soil disturbance, crop diversification, crop rotation and more. 


Agricultural mechanization including irrigation (10-60% increase in crop yields): make farming equipment accessible to 1000 female farmers.  Agriculture in Burkina Faso is powered by hand-hoes, making it difficult to produce even enough for consumption. Introducing mechanization and irrigation systems will improve the timeliness and efficiency of farm operations. 


Help initiate the path towards commercialization of agricultural goods (35% increase in women’s income) and trigger a major increase in cash flows to the rural community. 


Create the infrastructure for an Agribusiness Centre that can be replicated in other countries: a model that will create agriculture-related rural women entrepreneurs and a major increase in farm produce markets. 


Create 500 local jobs: FarmSahel will train field workers to assist female farmers on an ongoing basis. 


Empower youth, prepare them for leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

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