Food Growth 
Regenerative Cultivation

About the Program

The goal of this program is to increase community social-equality and reduce poverty. It supplies seeds and natural fertilizers and create education on regenerative cultivation through a layaway savings system called FarmWallet. Through this program, we also organize farmers into cooperatives and train members on cooperative management, transformational leadership, and entrepreneurship.


We hope to educate and empower farmers by giving them the tools they need to make their way out of poverty.


A layaway savings model to provide women farmers with:

  1. Training on regenerative cultivation.

  2. Access to organic seeds and fertilizer. 

Cooperatives Organizing

  1. Organizing farming communities into cooperative systems to foster shared economic growth.

  2. Provide training on cooperative management.

How can you support this program?

We are asking that you consider supporting FarmSahel now with a gift: 

  1. $24 a month can fund our FarmWalet to subsidize seeds during planting season and provide training on regenerative cultivation to women farmers

  2. $100 can turn an informal women group into a cooperative.




FarmWallet is a mobile layaway system that allows farmers to use their mobile phones to save money for seeds and fertilizer.


During planting season, FarmSahel delivers seeds, fertilizer, and training on regenerative cultivation practices to farmers.


Donations we collect for FarmWallet is used to subsidize the seeds and fertilizer to farmers, providing it to them at a below market price. 

With $24 a month, you can add funds to FarmWallet, to provide seeds, fertilizer, and training to our farmers.


Farmers do not receive direct cash benefits, your monthly donation is added to money received from other sponsors to buy seeds, fertilizer, and to sponsor trainings for these farmers. 

Cooperatives Organizing

If they are organized in cooperatives, farmers can manage their production activities more efficiently, negotiate better prices for their products, and secure bank loans for their agribusinesses with strong repayment capacities.


After we create the cooperatives, we will then train members on cooperative management, transformational leadership, and entrepreneurship.