Where We Work

The Sahel, beginning with Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso’s agriculture sector continues to generate roughly a third of the country’s GDP and employs 80 percent of the population.

Agriculture production is generally characterized by low crop and livestock productivity and mainly supports subsistence livelihoods. FarmSahel is currently working in Burkina Faso’s Centre-Sud region, in the municipality of Binde. Our focus for now is on women.

We focus on women farmers

Most rural women in Burkina Faso are responsible for providing food for the family, which means they have to redouble their efforts to seek alternative activities to bring in income with which to buy the food they need. 


They spend more and more time looking for water or wood, which are increasingly scarce as a result of desertification and overexploitation.


This workload leaves women with very little time to dedicate to their farms, and when they do, they don't use fancy farm equipment nor advanced technology.


They end up producing not even enough to feed the family.