Meet The Board

Volunteers are the backbone of any social movement and FarmSahel is no different. We are grateful to our dedicated board, and leadership that volunteer their time and talents to help us expand our impact.

Kellyn Lovell

Member, Board of Directors

Communications and Advancement Specialist, Black Fox Philanthropy

Bachelor of Science – Clarks Summit University

Michael Maggio

Member, Board of Directors

Vice President, Business Development

H&M Sustainability Consulting LLC

MBA - Cornell University

Madjalia Seynou

Executive Director 

Board Member

Financial Controller, NYSL

BS in Economics - University of Ouagadougou

MS in Accounting – St. John’s University


Thomas Yameogo

In Country Advisor / Board

Researcher at the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research in Burkina Faso.;

PhD in Economics

Michael Clyne

Member, Board of Directors

Executive Director, Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies - Vassar College

Master of International Affairs & Fellow - Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs